ANSI-BBS2 Control Functions List

Two-byte control functions

Two-byte control function format

Known as the "7-bit C1 control function set" for '@' to '_' and the "Independant control functions" for '`' to '~' in standards, these are two-byte combinations which do not take any parameters. The first byte is always an ESC (0x1b) character. The second byte is from the range '@' (0x40) to '~' (0x7e) inclusive.

Unhandled functions

If a legal function which the terminal does not support is encountered, that function should be silently ignored.

Illegal functions

An illegal function is defined as any ESC character followed by any character which is not in the range of '@' (0x40) to '~' (0x7e) inclusive.

When an illegal function is encountered, the terminal should attempt to make this known to the user in some manner. Commonly all or part of the function itself is displayed

Defined Control Functions (in alphabetical order by the second byte)

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Control Sequence Introducer (CSI)
This inducates the start of a control sequence. See the section on control sequences for more details.

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